Want to start climbing?

As a first-time climber the best way to start climbing is to book into one of our adult Starter Sessions. These are designed to give you the perfect introduction to indoor rock climbing. Even if you have climbed before but want to refresh yourself then feel free to join a Starter Session.

For an hour you will have an experienced instructor brief you on the safety aspects of bouldering before then covering the essential concepts and techniques of climbing, such as footwork, body positioning, dynamic movement, the various types of holds and how to grip them. Along with the hour of instruction a Starter Session includes shoe and chalk bag hire, a lifetime membership that will reduce entry fees, and you can keep climbing beyond the hour for as long as you want!

So to summarize with a Starter Session for €30 pp you will get:

  • Entry
  • Shoe Hire
  • Chalk Bag Hire
  • Membership
  • Safety Induction
  • 1 Hour of Instruction

Why Go Bouldering?

For beginner or first time climbers bouldering is the best way to get comfortable with the physical techniques of climbing and getting your body used to supporting the weight on your toes and fingers. There’s no need to worry about knots, equipment or any other technical skills such as belaying. The only equipment you will need to go bouldering is any sporty clothes and a positive attitude!

How Do I Start Climbing?

Quick and easy, you can instantly book your time below!

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